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Boutique Family Office dedicated to real estate

Tailored advice and services to ensure the success of your planned sale, acquisition or management of outstanding properties


Our consultancy-based corporate culture combined with extensive experience in transactions for outstanding properties have led us to develop a range of services specially designed to meet the needs of a demanding clientele comprised of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (U/HNWI).

We offer tailored services carefully adapted to the specific characteristics of market niches for outstanding properties, including high-quality apartments, private mansions and other strategic assets.

Rather like the conductor in an orchestra, we bring in and coordinate all of the necessary resources and players to guarantee the success of your real estate projects. Our goal is to always protect your interests and offer maximum peace of mind.

Our services

We guarantee the confidentiality of your purchase or acquisition project, thanks to a fully tailored position and processes.

We handle your whole project end-to-end, advising you and providing you with support at each stage, which means that you won't lose valuable time on unnecessary hindrances. We negotiate the price and financial terms of the transaction, in your best interests.

We assist you with all administrative and legal formalities. As a result, the transaction is totally secure.

We can get involved well before or well after the acquisition or sale, with our services including organisation, sourcing, renovation, asset management and concierge services, etc.


We guarantee high-performance sourcing, enabling you to not only have access to all available offers in the market but also to confidential (and/or off-market) properties.


You can benefit from our extensive and targeted network of partners in France and abroad, in addition to tailored marketing solutions.

A comprehensive approach

We can also handle all of your real estate requirements, including the value enhancement, protection and consolidation of your assets based on a long-term approach for the benefit of future generations.

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Xavier Léonard Xavier LEONARD
16 Cours Albert 1er, 75008 Paris
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